A Mighty mama is a 
strong, radiant, health-full woman.

Being a mama is hard (yet very rewarding) work.  The kind of hard work that requires long hours of lifting, carrying, hauling, playing, running and crawling.  We ask our bodies to take on the world and then wonder why our back hurts, our shoulders ache and our hips are sore.

Not only do we want to look Va va va Voom,
we also want to feel like it!

That’s why I founded Mighty Mama Fitness.  Hello!  I’m Lindsey Lewis and I’m a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist.  But first and foremost I’m a MAMA!  I have 3 amazing daughters

that challenge me to be at my best on a daily basis.  I found that after my twins were born my old fitness routine didn’t quite work for me anymore.

 I felt almost disconnected from my body.

I felt weak.

My back hurt and I lacked energy.

Sound familiar?

That’s how my journey started.   It has taken me years to understand and develop a program that works for mamas.  I have five areas of focus.  These include corrective movement and posture, core stability (NO CRUNCHES LADIES), smart strength training, fat burning cardio and REAL food nourishment!

The big issue for mamas is that we don’t have a lot of extra time.

That is exactly why none of my workouts are over
30 minutes long!

For me, if I feel I have to commit more than half an hour, it doesn’t get done.  Another BIG downer for me is borrrrrring workouts.  I don’t do boring.  I like fun, upbeat, sassy movements.   I’m a big believer in weight training (it’s the fountain of youth!), so you’re going to have to have a few dumbbells or access to a gym but all the fat-blasting cardio needs no special equipment.  This means you can do it anywhere!  Living room, front porch, backyard you name it.  A lot of the time my kids even join in.  Let me tell you that a push up with a five year old on your back will get your guns smokin’ in no time flat!  Love it!  Fitness while spending time with your family is as good as it gets in my book.  So what are you waiting for lovely lady?  Are you ready to feel strong, look radiant and be in love with your body?!  You deserve no less.

You deserve to be a MIGHTY MAMA!