Wall Squat Challenge!

Not always as simple as it looks!  

Not always as simple as it looks!



Exercise Challenges are super fun! We get to push ourselves a bit and see how much we're really capable of. One of my favorite isometric exercises (a muscle contraction that involves no movement) is the wall sit. I have my prenatal classes perform these quite often. It's a fantastic low impact move that strengthens the quadriceps and stabilizes the knees. This protects the knees from injury and pain which is common during pregnancy due to ligament laxity and dynamic instability. Not pregnant? Strong quads are still a must! Healthy knees keep mamas mighty! It's not so fun or easy to chase after your little one when your knees are killing you. Strengthening your quads is super important for keeping those pesky knee injuries away. Here's the plan! For the next 4 weeks increase your wall sit by 30 seconds each week. Perform one to two times everyday. Two minutes is super challenging. Don't be discouraged if it takes a little longer than 4 weeks to get there. Just keep trying! Also, don't forget to STRETCH afterwards!

Week 1 = 30 second wall sit every day Week 2 = 60 seconds wall sit every day Week 3 = 90 second wall sit every day Week 4 = 120 second wall sit every day

Love, Lindsey

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