How I healed my broken body after pregnancy

Save yourself

I am the very proud mom of 3 lovely little ladies.  My first pregnancy was twins.  I walked, ate decently (or what I thought was decent), slept semi-ok, except for some annoying hip pain, heartburn and the need to pee every few hours.  Although annoying, it seemed to be on par with my friends who were having a singleton birth.  (Yeah. that’s actually what having one baby is called.  Too funny.)  It was all pretty uneventful until about 34 weeks in. I began getting really bad carpal tunnel syndrome.  My hands and fingers went numb and tingly.  I wore splints on both hands/wrists.  I had gained close to 60 lbs and began to feel completely uncomfortable in my body.  My feet hurt and swelled so much that all I could wear were crocs. (I know, right:))

At 37 weeks I had a doctors check up.  My ladies were doing great, their heartbeats were strong and they were moving ALOT!  But... my OB said they hadn't grown a whole lot since the week before and we should go ahead and induce.  A bit confused, my husband and I were sent home to get my bag and told to go back to the hospital in an hour.  At the time, I didn't question my doctor.  I just did as I was told.  (Did I mention she just happened to be on call that night?  Pretty convenient for her.)

I was induced and the contractions started coming on strong.  Although I originally wanted to have a natural birth with no epidurals, I learned very quickly, induction makes that nearly impossible.  The pain was very intense.  I couldn't seem to get on top of my contractions.  They were overwhelming.   I was in so much pain I agreed to an epidural.  It did nothing.  I received another epidural that also did nothing.  The pain was so intense that they gave me some other medication. (I honestly don't even know what it was.) What I do know was that I started to black out and hallucinate.

With 23 hours of absolute hell under my belt I called it quits.  After an emergency c-section my lovely ladies were born.  They were healthy and beautiful weighing around 5 lbs each.  For this I was elated.  But my labor had gone past the doctor’s shift and she didn’t even deliver my babies.  A little bit funny.  Not really.

I, on the other hand had never felt worse in my life.  The next 6 weeks were filled with:

 -Chronic insomnia

-Relentlessly painful carpal tunnel

-Upper and lower back pain

-Neck pain

-Very low immune system

-Depression (I cried constantly)

At around 6 weeks my carpal tunnel subsided which was a blessing.  It was the longest 6 weeks of my life.  I was given a prescription for anti-depressants and they helped a bit.  At least I didn't feel like crying all the time.  The body pain continued, along with the insomnia (which I never had issues with before getting pregnant), low immune system (I caught every cold and flu bug imaginable.) Then, for the cherry on top, I started having horrible stomach issues.  For three months (sorry if this is TMI) every time I ate ANYTHING, I had to run to the bathroom.  Yep, diarhea.   FOR THREE MONTHS!  I went to the doc, got tested for bacteria, intestinal parasites etc.  They found nothing.

I was week, and losing too much weight because I wasn’t digesting anything. I had no joy.  The light was out my eyes. I was just going through the motions and not enjoying motherhood.  I was a shell, lost and scared.

I wanted ME back.

This is when I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I became my own advocate and stopped being a victim.  I began reading and researching natural ways to heal my body.  Here's a list of a few things I started to do.


I began to:

-Eat whole/real foods

-Eat tons of VEGGIES and low sugar fruits (also started juicing to get even more into my diet)

-Cut down on sweets and white flour

-Take probiotics (I now ferment my own food, which is much cheaper and even filled with more probiotics than supplements. And it's super easy/fun!) This stopped my tummy issue it it's tracks!!

-Strength training to fix my muscle imbalances.  These occur during pregnancy and postnatal b/c of postural changes and how we hold and carry the baby and car seat, nursing ect.

-Stopped eating out so often


-Interval running and HIIT training

-Strengthen my core with smart postnatal exercise (no crunches!!)

-Upped my Omega-3's

-Foam rolling and stretching

-Take magnesium supplement (really helped my insomnia)

-EFT (you may think it's kooky, but it changed my world!)

-Became a believer in positive thinking and a life of gratitude 

Guess what?  I began to feel like me again.  The tummy troubles stopped.  My mind felt clear and happy.  My body pain went away and I began to sleep again!  Nothing short of a miracle.  And yes, my next pregnancy and birth were amazing!

I gave my body the tools it needed to heal and thrive and it rewarded me.  I encourage every woman pre- and postnatal to love and nurture her body.  Eat well, move well and think well.    My hope is that my story inspires other mamas who are struggling the way I did.  To know that they are not alone and that there is HOPE!  That's why I founded  It is so much more than losing weight, mamas.   Yes that is definitely a perk!  You deserve to feel strong, happy, energetic, and sexy. Not for anyone else, but for you.



PS.- Had a tough time after baby?  Did something that helped and changed your life?  Leave a comment below and let me know!  Let us learn from each other!