How to Eat Healthy on Vacation and Still have Fun

Last week my family and I spent a week on the beach in Grand Cayman.  It was lovely and I am blessed.  I was determined to have a fantastic time without gorging on crap the entire trip.  Growing up, I had the mentality that vacation meant splurging and overeating on all the unhealthy stuff that tasted so good.  It didn't "count" because I was on vacation.  But in the end vacation ended and I felt bloated, poochy and out of energy.  This time around I thought it would be totally awesome to have one of those vacations where I came home feeling and looking better than I left. All the while not feeling like I was totally deprived for the entire week.  

Guess what?!  I did it!  

Here's my secret.  I put the focus on the FUN instead of on the FOOD!  I know.  Life changing, right? :)  I really played with my kids.  When I splurged at restaurants with fun drinks and food I took the time to really savor them.  This totally helped me to not overeat and feel yucky.

I planned a little bit of me time.  This is a must.  My "me time" consisted of reading a book and taking a little nap most days.  A walk on the beach first thing in the morning was also splendid.  

Our place had a full kitchen, which I totally recommend if you are traveling with kids.  We had leisurely healthy breakfasts and easy fresh lunches.  Nobody felt deprived because we were eating foods we loved, but also nourished us and gave us energy.  Most evenings we ate out, which was a nice change.  I chose to make those meals fun by trying the local food and soaking in the great day we had.  

Having a ton of healthy snacks on hand also saved us from processed airport crud, plane "food" and other junk that surrounded us on our trip.  Here's a few of my must have snacks when traveling:

  • Kind Bars and Lara Bars
  • Nuts and dried fruit
  • Apples and Bananas
  • Natural/ Organic Beef Jerky
  • Real fruit leather
  • Sun Warrior Protein Powder w/ Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder (chocolate) --I just brought my shaker bottle on the plane with the powders already in.  When I got through security I bought some water and just shook it up!

Being prepared with snacks saved me from a ton of crappy eating mishaps.

I can't tell you how freaking fantastic it was to get home and feel slim, tan and healthy.  No vacation detox needed for this lady!  Vacations to come will definately be following suit.

Do you have a vacation planned this summer?  Are you always in need of a detox when you return?  Leave your comments below and let us know how you plan to keep it healthy this summer!