Kill the Fat Cardio Run


Are you a mama who likes to run? Well add this to your normal cardio and get ready for results!  We’re talking fat-blasting, metabolism boosting goodness.  This combination of high intensity cardio with low intensity cardio can make magic happen! All you need is a set of stairs, 25 minutes and you’re good to go!


The Workout:


Run around the block, slow run on a treadmill or march/ jog in place for 3-5 min.

Find your stairs:

Run/jog up and down your stairs of choice for 30 sec then rest for 10.  Keep this going for 10 minutes.


Head out for your normal run.  15 minutes!


That’s it.  You’re done!

Simple and sweet!  Don’t forget this can be done with your little one in tow!

Equipment needed if taking a toddler:

-Jogging stroller

-10 min of Yo Gabba Gabba for stair running.  (my favorite episode is the one about not biting your friends.  So important.)

-Running shoes


Have fun Mighty Mama!