No Excuses! Workout while you're making dinner!

It's been kind of hectic around here lately.  All three of my ladies are home for the summer! We're having a lot of fun, but I forgot how exhausting full time with all three can get.  It's also getting harder to get in my workouts.  I find myself getting more creative and I've decided to share with you how I got my workout in today.  I actually did it while making dinner.  Seriously!  
Depending on what your making, there can definately be gaps of time that could easily be filled with a little movement. So here's what I did.  I selfishly turned on the TV for my gals (sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do) and started to cook.  Below is how I filled my "gaps"!  

The "Getting it in" Workout (Just think how rewarding your next meal time could be!!!)

What are some of your favorite ways of "getting it in"? Did you try this workout?  We love hearing how other mamas are fitting it fitness!  Leave a comment below and let us know!