S.M.A.R.T Goal setting


Fall is upon us!   I totally love this time of year.  Pumpkins on porches, steaming cups of coffee, and warm sweaters!  Oh sweaters.  My favorite!  Fall is also the perfect time of year to write some healthy goals before the holidays set in.  If you begin a new healthy lifestyle or workout program now, it’s going to be a lot easier to keep the momentum going at all those holiday parties.  Just think how wonderful it’s going to feel when you don’t have those extra 10 lbs to lose come January 1st!   You can save your resolutions for something a little more exciting like traveling more, or learning a new language!  How awesome would that be? So let’s set those goals now!  A great key to success when setting fitness goals is to make them S.M.A.R.T!  This is how to get going!

S-  Specific:

No wishy washy stuff here!  Let’s get past the “I just want to lose weight” dialog.  Dig a little deeper.  How about those skinny jeans in the back of your closet?  What about the white tank top  in the bottom of your drawer? How long has it been since you bopped around in those babies?

M-  Measurable

Quantitative facts can really motivate!  My favorite is body fat percentage and measurements with a tape measure over the scale.  Whatever works for you though!  When you see those numbers start to change the fire inside you burns even brighter.  You become unstoppable!

A-  Approach

So important!  When choosing your goals focus on what you do want instead of what you don’t want.  Think "I want to look svelte for my high school reunion!" instead of “I don’t want to feel fat and squishy when I attend my high school reunion.”  Law of attraction baby!  Say what you want to happen not what you don’t want, and amazing things will start to occur.

R-  Realistic

Make sure that you’re not competing with reality!  You are a smart lady and you know when a goal is out of the realm of possible.  Losing 20 lbs in two weeks is just asking for disaster.  You want to challenge yourself, but not set yourself up for an inevitable defeat.

T-  Time-Sensitive

Put a date on it!  Then set up a day-by-day, week by week plan to make it happen.  Remember that supplementing a long-term vision with near-term goals leads to better performance, confidence, determination and happiness!  Think, “I want to lose 20lbs by Christmas so this week I’m aiming for 1 ½ lbs!  Woot woot!  So doable!

Now sit down and and write those S.M.A.R.T goals of yours!  Make this Fall the season you FALL in love with your new healthy, strong self!

Love it!