Mighty Mama Stroller Fitness


It’s so hard to find time for exercise when you become a mama!  That’s why Mighty Mama Stroller Fitness is so darn wonderful!  This 45-min stroller-based fitness class is a great way to get back into shape after baby or advance your fitness level with your little one in tow.  This class is for every fitness level.  Our certified instructor will provide all the equipment you need.  Just bring water, a mat or towel and anything you need for the wee one!  You will get a full body workout and your child will love the interaction with you, other kiddos and the world of fitness. 


Spring/Summer Session beginning on May 8th and run through the summer.


Thursdays (starting may 8th) at 9:15am-10am


Brookside Park - 57th and Brookside Blvd  Kansas City, MO
Meet at the Playground at the Southeast corner, near 57th and McGee


$5 per class - bring cash or pay online with credit card or paypal (this adds a small processing fee)



What should I bring?

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, water, a mat or towel and a stroller for baby.